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Name:  Meagan Elizabeth Harrington

Nickname (Or what name you prefer to go by if applicable): Gunnie

Age:  16

DOB: January 14, 1999

Where are you from Originally: Corpus Christi, Texas

Where do you currently call home:  Corpus Christi, Texas


Shooting Discipline(s):  Skeet, Trap, International Skeet, Bunker Trap, Sporting Clays, 5-Stand, and FITASC

Home Course (where you train or shoot most): Corpus Christi Pistol and Rifle Club & The Lonesome Dove Ranch

Gun(s) you shoot:  Beretta 692

How long have you been shooting:  7 years

How did you get started shooting:  When I was in the 2nd grade, my brother started shooting competitively with 4H Shooting Sports.  I was getting tired of being dragged to all the shoots and having to watch him have fun, so as soon as I became of age and able to hold a shotgun, I started shooting.

How long have you been with Beretta:  4 years

Other Sponsors:  Bay LTD, A Berry Company and Briley

Favorite Shoot of the year and why:  I would have to say my favorite shoot of the year is Texas 4H State Shotgun Shoot.  About 800+ members in the great state of Texas come together to compete and you get to see who comes out on top.  I also have enjoyed NSSA, NSCA and ATA shoots.  I love them all.

From your perspective your greatest achievement in shooting:  I would have to say my greatest achievement in shooting is traveling and meeting a diverse group of people who share the same interest as me.  I have won TX Junior Ladies High Over All back to back, and TX Intermediate Ladies HOA. Another one of my greatest achievements would be keeping up with the boys and tying for Intermediate Open High Over All at the San Angelo Shotgun Shootout, another one of my favorite shoots.  We were in a 60 bird shoot off and we were neck and neck until the very end!

Biggest goal in shooting you hope to reach:  I hope to be a team member of the 2016 USA Olympics Shooting Team.  I have been training for the trials in the Bunker Trap discipline.

Favorite game to shoot (5 stand, FITASC etc,):  I can't choose a favorite!  If I absolutely had to choose one, Skeet would be my favorite with Sporting Clays and Bunker Trap right behind it.

Who did/do you train under/with:  I currently train with Dan Carlisle, Todd Bender, Sean McLelland, and Hank Shaper.  These gentlemen have so much experience and knowledge in industry.  They keep me grounded and dialed in.

Hobbies: I enjoy reading, playing the piano, running cross country, track, and playing soccer.